SmartRedis is a collection of Redis clients that support RedisAI capabilities and include additional features for high performance computing (HPC) applications. Key features of RedisAI that are supported by SmartRedis include:

  • A tensor data type in Redis

  • TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite, Torch, and ONNXRuntime backends for model evaluations

  • TorchScript storage and evaluation

In addition to the RedisAI capabilities above, SmartRedis includes the following features developed for large, distributed HPC architectures:

  • Redis cluster support for RedisAI data types (tensors, models, and scripts).

  • Distributed model and script placement for parallel evaluation that maximizes hardware utilization and throughput

  • A DataSet storage format to aggregate multiple tensors and metadata into a single Redis cluster hash slot to prevent data scatter on Redis clusters and maintain contextual relationships between tensors. This is useful when clients produce tensors and metadata that are referenced or utilized together.

  • An API for efficiently aggregating DataSet objects distributed on one or more database nodes.

  • Compatibility with SmartSim ensemble capabilities to prevent key collisions with tensors, DataSet, models, and scripts when clients are part of an ensemble of applications.

SmartRedis provides clients in Python, C++, C, and Fortran. These clients have been written to provide a consistent API experience across languages, within the constraints of language capabilities. The table below summarizes the language standards for each client.

Supported Languages




3.7, 3.8, 3.9






Fortran 2018