SmartSim is a community developed and maintained project. We’d love to have you as part of our community! Check out how to connect below.

Need Help?

We encourage and welcome usage questions and bug reports from all users, even those who are new to SmartSim. There are a few things you can do to improve the likelihood of quickly getting a good answer.

  1. It is important to ask questions in the right place. We strongly prefer the use of Stack Overflow or GitHub issues over Slack chat. GitHub and Stack Overflow are more easily searchable by future users, and therefore is more efficient for everyone’s time. Slack chat should be reserved for developer and community discussion. If you have a general question about how something should work or want best practices then use Stack Overflow. If you think you have found a bug then use GitHub.

  2. Please ask only in one place. Please restrict yourself to posting your question in only one place (likely Stack Overflow or GitHub) and don’t post in both.

  3. A minimal example is extremely helpful! It is ideal to create minimal, complete, verifiable examples. This significantly reduces the time that responders spend understanding your situation, resulting in higher quality answers more quickly. Mathew Rocklin has this great blogpost about crafting minimal bug reports. Questions with examples have a much higher likelihood of being answered.

How to Connect?

Questions and discussion about SmartSim should be directed to the following areas:

  1. Using SmartSim - If you have questions on using SmartSim please post them to Stack Overflow and tag them with the #smartsim tag.

  2. SmartSim Contributor Development Chat - We monitor Slack for SmartSim for contribution development questions.

  3. Report a Bug or Request a Feature - Features and Bugs are managed through GitHub. For issues related to SmartSim post here. For issues related to SmartRedis post here.

How to Behave?

We believe it is important for all users and contributors to SmartSim to have a great experience. Please review our Code of Conduct for community guidelines and expectations.